Why hire A-TRIO as your support and maintenance partner?
We have been working and building apps for 2 years. Having worked on large number of projects, we have comprehensive experience across a multitude of apps. From our experience, we know that each app can be different and can bring a host of unseen challenges to the surface. Bring in aspects from international laws, corporate governance, monetary exchange etc., and it becomes a difficult task to accomplish the business goals of your app.
We have helped a large number of clients with these challenges time to time. To create a profitable business out of a mobile app there should be a clear and efficient app marketing strategy. Remember a good app with a very good app marketing process can lead you to monetize your app effectively.
An app marketing strategy is centrally focused on generating a high ASO or App Store Optimization score.
Request for Proposal
One big question you need to ask yourself before materializing your app development – “Are you making an app or creating a profitable business model?” And we are sure you will end up with the idea to create a successful business model. There are three major parameters we need to address for framing the idea of a business model:
Product: A Great App which solves user’s need
Marketing: Mobile app marketing strategy and execution to make a buzz around your app and to create large number of users
Sales: App monetization plan for revenue generation
You have to focus on all the three parameters from the very first day when you start app development. Without a strong marketing and monetization strategy, it is very difficult to make money out of your app.
The A-TRIO team has a large experience especially for iPhone app marketing, android app marketing. Our consulting services as an app marketing agency are focused on creating the best marketing strategy for your app. Below is the brief about our consulting services:
Audit of mobile app and strategy for app launch
Identifying the target users for your mobile app
Analysis of your competitors
Finding out the common features for the top selling apps in your category
Effective positioning of your app in market
Suggestions and implementation of the best revenue model for your app
Creation of an efficient marketing strategy and execution for the same
A majority of downloads come directly from the users who discover your app from organic search within the app store. In other words, you app should secure a high ranking in the store to get discovered and downloaded. For that to happen app store optimization is very crucial. A-TRIO as an app marketing agency has a very clear and focused strategy of app store optimization for your app (Focused on iPhone App Marketing and Android App Marketing).
Below are the steps we follow for app store optimization:
Improve your App Name
Keyword creation and optimization:
  Brainstorming about various keywords people can actually use to search for your app.
  Help you with keyword research and optimization.
  Analysis of keywords your competitors are using.
App localization
  Localization of Keywords
  Localization of App Name
  Localization of Screenshots
  Localization of Description
  Localization of Language strings within the App Design an eye-catching and appealing app icon Unique description
A good and effective app description by professional Content Writers Specific app description with reference to specific app category Creation of Unique Selling Proposition of your app to explain why your app is better than your competitors.
Screenshot creation & optimization
  Creative and unique screenshots for your app
  Screen shot explanation and additional graphics
Design and develop an effective app landing page
App reviews and ratings
App submission to various app review websites
Guaranteed coverage at app review websites
App promotion via mobile app bloggers community
You tube video for app reviews